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A non-profit organization working to empower the women of Uganda.


721 Beneficiaries at 51 Centers!! (July 2019)

Ugandan women are at a disadvantage relative to men -- especially women who are poor, illiterate, widowed, and/or live in rural areas. Women generally own nothing, despite contributing over 70% of the labor force that produces family wealth.  As an example, women are not allowed to inherit property or assets if the husband should die.   Upon death of her husband, the marital assets are given to the husband's family.   This situation perpetuates poverty and traps women in a state of dependence on the men around them, even when it’s unsafe. Giving goats to women specifically empowers them and allows them to take charge of their lives. The benefits from the goat program improve the general well-being of her family while also reducing poverty at a local level.

Pastor Peter Odoi and his wife Allen had long sought a way to improve the quality of life for vulnerable women in Uganda, particularly rural villages where he carried out most of his  ministry. Earlier in his career, Peter had been Project Coordinator of a socio-economic recovery program in northern Uganda, funded by Geneva Global, which engaged in resettling people who had been internally displaced by the Joseph Kony insurgency. As part of this program, Peter had given goats to many families and thus learned firsthand the potential of goat rearing to create household wealth for poor families.

In 2011,  Peter and Allen were assisted with help from volunteers in the UK.  Linda Robinson, an invaluable early contributor, arrived in Uganda from the UK and immediately wanted to help in a sustainable fashion.   Working together, they decided to establish a self-sustaining economic assistance program through giving and raising goats. In October 2011 Linda bought 6 goats and gave them to women in Katukuru, Mbarara district, as a pilot arrangement. In January 2013, after further research on the viability of the project, developing policies, etc, the Goat Project was formally born and Katukuru in Mbarara district became the location of the first center.

In January 2016, Peter became Executive Director of the project.   In Uganda, the project was registered as a company limited by guarantee under Give a Goat Ltd.  He now serves as Executive Director working with the rest of the Board members and volunteers.

In the USA,   The Goat Project Uganda is working with The Framers Projects, a non-profit organization based in Ashburn, Virginia, which supports student-led projects and research.  The Framers Projects is assisting in website creation, fundraising, and ongoing technical support of the program.  Tobi Moriarty, an Ashburn, Virginia resident, is an active member spearheading fundraising and program growth.   Tobi has since traveled to Uganda three times to assist in opening tens of new centers.  

The ultimate goal of The Goat Project Uganda is to open 100 centers throughout rural Uganda. As at July 2019, we are at 51 centers in 18 districts in all 4 regions of Uganda!  Using the law of exponential growth, the number of beneficiaries will double every 2 years.   With an initial fundraising goal of 600 goats, our aim is to provide an eventual 10,000 beneficiaries within 7-10 years.

Allen Odoi and Tobi Moriarty giving out goats in January 2018

Allen Odoi and Tobi Moriarty giving out goats in January 2018