Supporting self-sufficiency and reducing poverty through mentoring, community-led groups, and initial goat donation.


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About Us

The Goat Project Uganda is a Kampala-based non-profit organization that seeks to empower and support vulnerable Ugandan women by providing them with a self-sustainable business in the form of raising goats.  The Goat Project Uganda has teamed up with the Framers Projects, which is a US-based non-profit organization based in Ashburn, Virginia.  Framers Projects is a 501(c)(3) corporation that was created for the purpose of raising funds for student research, social entrepreneurship, and charitable projects.   

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How It Works

We empower women by mentoring them to raise a small herd of goats.  This herd is roughly equivalent to 116% of her annual income.  Through education, an initial goat-donation, and ongoing mentoring, she will substantially change the life of her family.  Unlike other programs that walk away after the initial donation, this unique program works with the beneficiary for 2-3 years, ensuring success and a real change in her economic circumstance.  Additionally, each woman donates two goats back to the program for exponential growth to new beneficiaries. 

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The Goat Project Uganda gives underprivileged women a large economic boost, propelling them into new opportunities and a different life for them and their children.  Women can send their children to school, improve their living situations, or start a new business.

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Give A Goat

From our start in 2011, The Goat Project Uganda is still working to grow this program to help even more women across Uganda. Your support is needed for a multitude of resources, including goats, centers, and health care for the goats.

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Stay updated on new centers and visits, and read about success stories from women in the program!

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Empowering the Women of Rural Uganda by Providing Goats for Self-Sustainable Economic Impact. Over 700 Beneficiaries to Date!!